Went to HERA Seoul Fashion Week (F/W 16) for the first time and totally loved it!

Hosted by HERA, a long time leader in Korean beauty, Seoul Fashion Week is the go to event to find out what the Korean fashion market is up to. Located at 동대문 디자인 플라자 (Dongdaemun Design Plaza or DDP), which is easily accessible from subway lines 2, 4, and 5, you have no excuse not come and experience this great event for yourself.

F/W 2016 was my first time at any Fashion Week event and I was blown away by the turn out.  South Korea’s fashion scene has always been on point as far as I’m concerned. I was a student here back in 2012 and I was impressed by the fashion scene then and I’m still impressed by the fashion scene now. Although Fashion Week here in Seoul is not nearly as big as the more well-known New York Fashion Week or Paris Fashion Week,  Seoul Fashion Week definitely has a lot to offer. From your favorite designers (old and new), to the scintillating street style of the old and young, to your favorite celebrity oppas and eonni’s (or hyungs and noonas), Seoul Fashion Week was and is the place to be in March!

Unfortunately, I totally went on a whim on the last day, so I did not get to see any shows. However, I still had a blast. I was so inspired by the creative energy there, that I literally left with a high ready to prep another bomb look for the next season.

My outfit for this season was inspired by my love of prints. With no time to spare, I paired this beautiful long sleeve cheetah print jumpsuit with an army green jacket with camo sleeves. These two prints looked gorgeous together. To bring the outfit together, I kept it simple with some black chunky-heeled booties. Also because I CANNOT live without lipstick and sunglasses, I threw on a pair of pink shades with multi-colored lenses and topped it off MAC’s ruby woo on the lips.

Check out my outfit below.^^

When it comes to mixing and matching prints and patterns, here are some things to keep in mind:

1.) Choose one dominant and one accent print (Example: cheetah=dominant, jacket=accent)

2.) For beginners: Try to stay neutral with your colors (or pair one colorful print or pattern with a nuetral color)

It’ll make your life A LOT easier..if you are not good a color blocking with prints)

3.) If you cannot choose between to prints or patterns just make sure that they both share a single color or a similar color to play off of each other.

*****Both US and Korean Prices are listed*****

Outfit Details

Army Jacket: Itaewon (75,000 won)

Jumpsuit: Ross (Bought in US) ($17.00..under 20,000 won )

Shoes: H&M Hongdae (49,000 won)

Glasses: Street Stall in Hongdae (10,00o on)

Overall, I ended up loving the way my outfit turned out in the end! But, I really wrestled with myself before ultimately deciding to not care what other people would think if I wore this. The reason being, during the summer, I wore this same exact pantsuit and I got quite a few stares. I’m talking about mouths dropped, heads turned types of stares. I felt so uncomfortable. The pantsuit is a very loud pattern and I know I have breast bigger than average, and curves curvier than average, but the stares were piercingly uncomfortable.

This time around when I wore this, I figured regardless of what people thought or however many stares that I would receive, I would wear this outfit and wear it proudly, and I did! I just threw on a jacket because it was kind of chilly outside. If the temperature allowed, I would definitely would have forgone the jacket.

 All in all, my first time at HERA Seoul Fashion Week was a success. Going to fashion week helped me solidify even more that fashion is one of the truest forms of expression! Your personal style IS your voice! Use it boldly, loudly, and proudly! I hope you all do NOT compromise your fashion choices at the expense of the thoughts and stares of others. If you want to wear exuberant clothing, then by all means, WEAR IT!

Continue to live YOUR life in style!

Until next time, Bisous. :*


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