HERA Seoul Fashion Week is always a great time!

This season in a lot of ways was an even better experience for me than last season. From talking to fashion enthusiasts, to meeting several designers backstage, to sitting on the front row of the A.AV show, I had an absolute blast! I did also go on the last day, a Saturday. Because the last day of Fashion week is during the weekend, I was able to meet so many more 패피s (Pronounced: Paepi) or “fashion people”.

Here’s a short rundown of my day at HERA Seoul Fashion Week

For the first couple of hours at DDP, I pretty much just walked the grounds, admired other people’s outfits, took some photos, did some interviews and got some photos taken.

I was super geeked. Just like my outfit last season, this outfit was well also received by photographers, editors, and fashion enthusiasts alike.  Another season, another slay! 

Check out more of my outfit below^^

***Outfit Details***

Blazer: Vintage find (Goodwill)

Tights: Nine West

Boots: Forever 21 Korea (Hongdae)

Belt: Repurposed cross body bag strap

Bag: Paul’s Boutique London (Purchased at Sinchon Hyundai Dept. Store)

Sunglasses: Itaewon

Earrings: H&M Korea (Hongdae)

After taking way too many photos, I wanted to take a break and talk to more people. While talking to some people in crowd, I interviewed with a street style blogger about where I find my style inspiration. (FYI: I’m a sucker for vintage)

My friend Junior and I  happened to score VIP Tickets to the A.AV show.

A.AV, a new generation Korean brand by designer Kwang Ho Lee is one of Korean millenials go-tos for casual menswear.  A.AV’s theme for SS/17 was “Shape your beard”.

Although limited in what I did see clearly, I saw exceptional use of beautiful monochromatic colors like your blacks, grays, and dark blues. I was also surprised by the use of salmons and pinks in the colors as well. All these colors made for a seamless marriage between the unique shapes, silhouettes and construction of the pieces. Prior to this show, I had never attended an A.AV show before, so I was pleasantly surprised. Albeit the lighting was horrible where I was sitting, I did thoroughly enjoy the pieces that caught my eye.

After the show, I hung around some more outside and met up with  rising Korea-Nigerian model 한현민 (Han Hyun Min). I saw him at FW/16 but did not get an opportunity to talk him and this time, I took him up on his offer and even snapped a picture together.^^

Although, Han Hyun Min is a fairly young model here, the importance of the work that he is doing is monumental.  In a homogenous country like Korea, he gives people from mixed-raced backgrounds hope, that one day they too can pursue the path that he is currently on. Props to him for being a much need trailblazer in this often non-inclusive community.

All in all HERA Seoul Fashion Week SS/17 was great. Meeting this young pioneer was just the cherry on top. Left Fashion Week feeling so inspired and hopeful for seasons to come.^^

I pray he never changes. The work he is doing is too important. Here’s to Han Hyun Min continuing to live HIS best life in style!

Until next time, Bisous. :*


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