Salut! Madames et monsieurs. Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Grad school has been so demanding these past couple of months. Right after Seoul Fashion Week, it was literally time to buckle down and get my school life together. Midterms started towards the end of Fashion Week, I was taking five classes and was still thinking about writing a thesis. LOL (I’m crazy right!) Well, I successfully completed my 4th semester and now I’ll be graduating on August 25th! YAY!

Right after school ended, I was completely burned out and I decided to take a much needed mental break because I had several meltdowns towards the end of the semester all due my computer crashing. But, I am officially back with full force and so ready to bring some much-needed content to you guys.

Before you know it, Fall will be knocking on our doors. So, what better way for me to come back then to let you know whats hot! Maybe you can get inspired to build up a fall wardrobe or revamp your current wardrobe with some fall pieces. Here are my thoughts on The Studio K, the first show that I went to, to start my Seoul Fashion Week festivities.



Day 2 of Seoul Fashion Week was absolutely hectic for me. I got out of class at 3PM, The Studio K show was supposed to start late in the evening at 8PM and I had nothing to wear… I rushed home to put a quick outfit together. Unfortunately, I do not have a full body pic….because I was in a rush to leave, the sun had already set and it was night time when I left the house. But, I can definitely give you a general idea of what I wore. I wore a black T-shirt dress with a camo jacket, black tights, my Dr. Marten boots, black hat with my hair styled into a messy fringe. For a finishing touch I paired everything with a simple make up look with a bold red lip.

This was such an easy look to put together. It’s such a simple look that YOU can also put together a similar look. I decided to dress casually as The Studio K show was a night time show and because I also knew I wasn’t going to be taking a lot of pictures.

Finally, I was ready to leave! I grabbed my invitation and headed out the door. By the way, how cute and creative is this puzzle invitation from the Studio K??

I arrived at DDP and went directly to the hall where the show was being held and it was packed!

So many Korean celebs, bloggers, reporters, and fashion people were in the house eagerly awaiting the start of the show.  I tried to take some quick snaps of some celebs. I was definitely trying to get a good shot of former 2AM member Jeong Jin-woon and actor Go Kyung-pyo because they looked absolutely gorgeous in the outfits they wore to the show. However, I was literally manhandled by the bodyguard who was standing in front of them, so I completely failed at getting a good picture. But, Jin-woon’s (dude with the perfectly coifed hair) side profile is still very nice to look at…no? LOL



The theme for The Studio K Fall and Winter 2017 collection was “fOreVER (∞)  Infinity”. Led by designer Hyong Hye-Jin, The Studio K  is a brand that reflects historical sensitivity with modern trends.  The Studio K’s Fall 2017 fOreVER (∞) theme captured this very essence.

Starting with this first piece. This look was my absolute favorite from the whole collection. This velvet teal coat and lace two piece was just gorgeous. This piece stole the show in my opinion. The coat is the perfect length as it extends just below the knee. It has a very minimal silhouette for a loose fit. Paired with a see through lace top and lace bottom, its perfect for the day or night. This is definitely a look that you can dress up or down with a cute pair of boots or heels. By the way, how sexy is this lace? Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer…. Lace is ALWAYS in. I’m totally a fan of the way the lace was used in this look. Almost as much as I loved the lace, I adored the use of teal. When we think of the colors associated with Fall, teal is definitely not a color that comes to mind. I think I yelled a loud “YASSS!” in my mind when this look came out. LOL! I definitely enjoyed the use of this non-traditional color. By the way wouldn’t this look also look bomb in burgundy or more specifically a wine color. (Gasp!) I would totally be here for that. Wine is my Fall color! A look like this would definitely pair well with my melanin. What do you guys think of this look? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?

Photo: Courtesy of Seoul Fashion Week

This next look here is a bit more of a casual neutral look that seamlessly pairs white and gray. I particularly enjoyed this look because of the use of buttons. The buttons are stitched in two rows along the middle of the shirt creating a wider collar. The legs of the pants slightly taper out with black buttons stitched on the sides. I loved this shirt and pants combo. I really like how casual this look was, but don’t be fooled, this look can easily be turned into a nighttime look or even a look for work. Just pair with your favorite accessories and/or some black pumps and you are good to go!


Photo: Courtesy of Seoul Fashion Week

The Studio K is a unisex clothing brand, so I was looking forward to seeing some menswear on the runway. (I love menswear by the way and this season of Seoul Fashion Week did not disappoint.) This navy look had me smitten. From the navy coat to the navy striped pants, I was in love. I do have to say because of this menswear look, I am definitely considering including navy pieces in my fall wardrobe.

Photo: Courtesy of Seoul Fashion Week

These were my favorite looks from the show. I hope you enjoyed these 4 looks as much as I did.  For more information on The Studio K collection click here to see all the pictures from the show or go to the website to see what other goodies they have. Let me know in the comments below which of these looks was your favorite and how you would wear them.

Until next time loves, continue to create your unapologetic style, life and go wherever the wind may take you.




  1. Star Lengas
    August 11, 2017 / 2:02 PM

    Yay!!! I’m glad you’re back to blogging! Def enjoyed your take on SFW, Studio K has some really cool pieces, I like the teal coat & casual neutral look. I’d love to see you share an outfit on styling lace. Oh and congrats on graduating!!

    • August 19, 2017 / 2:05 AM

      Thanks girl! Now that I have the time, no excuses right.^^ I would love to get some lace pieces in my wardrobe (all laces pieces I own now are in the States) but Korea ain’t ready for that! If I’m doing lace, I’m doing sexy/classy lace all the way. They’re gonna look at me like 👀. As if I already don’t stand out enough. LOL

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