Madames et monsieurs, welcome to Mode Idéale (mo-deu ee-de-al), my personal fashion and lifestyle blog! This blog is a record of my personal style/fashion, travel, art, good times and everything else in between. I have been talking about creating this blog forever. Now, I’ve taken the leap! I am finally committed and I am super excited to share my fashion and lifestyle journey with you all!

A little background information about me, I was born in Haiti, moved to the US in 2000, lived there for about 15 years and now, somehow life has brought me to South Korea. I plan on living here a few years and I figure, why not start recording my journey while I’m here? I’ve always been a lover of fashion, the arts, pretty much any thing creative. However, Korea has awakened the desire in me to pursue these things in some type of capacity and I’m excited to see where they lead me!

Why Mode Idéale?

 Paying homage to my French roots, Mode Idéale is French for ideal fashion, style, way of life, simply put, a way of doing things. As a young girl, I always was inspired by the lifestyle and fashion of others.  But, in the search for that ideal fashion, ideal lifestyle..etc, I became obsessed to the point where I lost my own unique identity in an effort to always look like someone else. When I moved to Korea,  that all changed, I could no longer force myself to conform.

In this homogenous country, I stood out like a sore thumb. Skin color aside, I realized just how different I am. After so many years, it finally dawned on me that, there is beauty IN difference and that I would be doing myself a disservice if I did not celebrate what makes me different. My fashion, style, sense of humor, my outlook on life…these things are what make me, me! Searching for this so-called “ideal” style, life, “ideal” everything, I came up empty-handed.

To commemorate the past and present search for that “ideal”, I’ve named this blog Mode Idéale. Such a paradox, right? After living in Korea for a while, I literally had an epiphany. I realized that what is truly “ideal”, is being uniquely and unapologetically me. It’s funny how living in a such a homogenous country will do that to you. For me, the truest ways I can express myself are through fashion/style, beauty, and art. Mode Idéale represents my love for all these things and more.

What will this blog be about?

This blog will mostly consist of my style, fashion inspiration, beauty and art. As a curvy girl, it’s often hard for people like me to create a unique style because of lack of clothes options, lack sizes in pieces they find interesting, or simply because they don’t know where to start. Well, I’m here to tell you, if you plan on coming to Korea, it’s even twice, maybe three times as hard finding things to wear. LOL But, Fear NOT! I’m here to help. I’ll be giving you tips on where you can shop for clothes as a curvy girl, makeup, beauty, etc.  Feel free to leave a comment about some looks you would like to see or where I shop for clothes here in Korea.~

Hopefully, I can inspire some of you to create some bomb looks!^^

Until next time, Bisous :*


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  1. Ann McCarver
    February 17, 2017 / 9:31 AM

    You’ve always been beautiful to me!! Love, Mama Ann

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